Intelligenza artificiale per la sostenibilità

In this event, open to the external public, the book "Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Development" was presented. 

The volume starts from the photograph of what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is today beyond the myths and stereotypes, to highlight its potential and risks in relation to the various global challenges: the heart of the book is, in fact, the relationship between this discipline and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals defined by the UN Agenda 2030 such as hunger, health, reduction of inequalities, environmental crisis, etc. 

The motivation for such a substantial contribution stems from the fact that the widespread fear about the results that Artificial Intelligence is bringing. In reality, the crisis we are experiencing is not generated by AI, but by a socio-economic model that is facing unprecedented challenges in history: bringing well-being to 7.6 billion people without destroying the planet that allows us to live. To do this we will need all the tools we can put in place and Artificial Intelligence is one of the most powerful right now.